The Internet and the NSA

WSJ just published a report the NSA admitted to being able to watch 75% of the internet.  I find that bogus.  Because the government wants 100% access to Radio and TV in a state of emergency.  Look people the internet was created shortly after world war 2.  It didn’t become popular until GUI or windows for most of you.   The internet was created so the member nations of NATO could take to each other during a war.  Guess what the government had 100% access.  When I was going  school up to and including HS in the 80’s.  The internet was mainly used by government so they could text each other.   If you have Comcast, I believe your TV and internet come over the same cables that’s reality.  I would guess 99% of all internet traffic travels through 1 of the 10 hubs roughly that control the internet in the US.  One of these Hubs was the world trade center.  It has been done in other countries if you watch the news government hitting the switch on the internet it can be done in the US too.  When I worked at Bell Labs they made boards for Verizon, AT & T, and the US Military.  Public and government boards were a lot different levels of bandwidth.  Yes top end government bandwidth was 1.6 T in 1999 god only knows what it is now.  Verizon and At & T, were on 2.5 G while I went to college in 90’s until 03.  For Electronics.  Bell Labs was hoping they would switch over to 10G which going by all the 4G phones they finally did.  Where ran numerous different tests on the boards.  Some where probably for the government.  But as a message travels around the internet it picks up 4 more digits of hexadecimal code I think the 16 based code that goes from 1 to F.   F has the weight of the number 16.  Each Verizon board has it owns four number, at & T and whatever.  That is a level of government control.  I personally can turn the internet into a trillion page book if I wanted too.  Considering the Snowdens of the world are smarter than me when it comes to computer software I find 75% a rather low number.  After I posted my comment on Reuters, my internet crashed.  It just makes me more suspicious.


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