The Supreme Court

party lines pisses me off more and more.

Look i get it their is a republican president.  He has to appoint a judge.

Look one of the greatest liberal judges this country has ever known was appointed by guess who?  …..  ronald reagan.

Look grilling a standing judge about how he would vote on issues to me is just as fucking stupid as Donald Trump asking everyone but the DOJ if the former President bugged Trump towers.

Gorsuch has been a Judge since 2006 for the 10th Circuit court.  which I think covers Minnesota.

I absolutely loved everything he had to say when he got grilled.

But the paper he wrote in the truck driving case where the driver took shelter and was fired for it.   He wrote the company had no right to fire the driver.  Look I agree with it.

Granted something like that cannot happen realistically in Massachusetts because its an employment at will state.

But just judge the Judge on his papers and ask yourself.  Do I agree with this guy?  If you check off, yes I have agreed with him on 80% of his papers then nominate him would ya.

If you disagree with 80% of his papers send his ass packing.

But there is no reason to wag the dog with this one.  He has been a standing Federal Judge for the 10 Circuit court for 10 years.  By the was when he got appointed to that seat.  It was by a unanimous decision.


Fantasy Thoughts 3/16/17

I really like the idea of Lacy going to Seattle.  I owned Lacy last year in fantasy land with the exception of the touchdown outage, I was reasonable happy with his yards per carry.  I was excited about how hard he looked to be running.

Pete loved Lynch, Lynch was a very physical back.  Some coaches have their things in what they like.  Bill Bellichek feels he can coach everything but speed, he does not care for top ends speed, but quickness from a standing position.  Well, I believe Pete loves physical football players, its easy to point to the legion of boom, and beast mode.  Then Pete goes out and grabs Jimmy Graham and I said what the fuck?

But if Eddie Lacy can get close to his draft weight or even his last years weight I think Pete will be really happy.  He has seen Green Bay in probably 3 or 4 games the last few years and got some looks at Lacy and game planning for him.  So he knows what hes getting.


If Lacy enters camp between 238-245, I would expect him to get a ton of carries, mainly so Wilson doesnt take the beating he took last year.  Running Backs are easier to replace.  But if Lacy enters camp at 238-245 and understands the playbook,  I think he can easily get 1250 to 1500 total yards for Pete.


Malcolm Butler

Let me get this straight the Pats wanted to trade Butler to New Orleans, he refused to send a tender so the Pats couldnt trade him.

Now he wants out.   Well if Einstein wanted out all he had to do was the sign the tender.

Does he understand the NFL is a business?

Look there is a chance the Pats could pay him.  They still have plenty of money.

They entered Free Agency with about $60 million of funny money, their only big name signing was Gilmore.   I am shaking my head because Ryan is playing in Tennesse for $3 million less than Gilmore signed for.  So in Bills opinion Gilmore must be alot better.

I was under the impression Ryan was going to give the Pats a chance to match.

Someone else who should be getting paid is Hightower.  So between Gilmore and Hightower say $26 million of the $60 million is gone.  Well Harmon signed for a friendly price of around $5 million,  So now I hvae them at $29 million,  Allen and Cooks are both under $1 million each I think so lets say $27 million.

They dont have to pay Cooks until 3 years from now.  I dont think Allen will ever be a huge payday.

So if slap happy plays his cards right he gets what tagged and gets $15 million a year, or someone else pays him around $15 million a year.

But whinnie little bitches do not get serious f’in money.  Some other GM is going to say to himself do i want to deal with that, sure they will throw him some money probably but if hes not a whinnie little bitch he probably gets more money.

Look buddy if you want out it can probbaly easily be arranged there are probably multiple teams that would trade a 1st round pick for him.  Hes that good.  But the business of the NFL the Pats cant let him just walk away.

Look I think the Cooks trade could have been as simple as Butler for Cooks then something like a swap of first round picks if Butler has more perceived value or the Pats throw in something like a 3rd or a 4th if Cooks has more perceived value.

as a Pats fan I will probbaly always root for Butler but he has to understand the business side of the NFL.


fantasy Friday

I sit here and wonder how Bellichek waves his magic wand sometimes.   With Snead, Thomas and Cooks the Saints probably had more quality at wide receiver than they needed but quality at the Saints and the Pats can be partial credited to the QB.  I think Breesy when he was with the Bolts had a winning record against Bellichek.

as a Pats fan swapping Ryan for Gilmore seems to be an upgrade, and in fantasy land it is definitely a pair of corners I do not want my wide receivers to go against.  An elite wide out might do ok 6 receptions 50-70 yards and maybe a touchdown.  There is a list of wide outs I play against anybody just with lower expectations against some corners.

The Pats lost Shread to the Colts he lost his starting job $8 million isnt alot of money for a starting edge rusher so I don’t think the Colts overpaid.  But it is way to much money for a backup.

I thought the Pats would have paid Bennett 3 years $21 million, the Packers did.  I guess the off season ankle surgery has Bill skeptical.  I figured if healthy Bennett would have landed around the $9-10 million range.  But if hes healthy for camp he should be an immediate upgrade over Cooks who they cut.  I can’t see it getting in the way of Nelson the odd men out in Green bay look to be Cobb and Adams who either dont show up every week, or are injuried off an on.  If Bennett is going to take away touches from people I would lean towards Cobbs and Adams.  Some games Nelson doesnt even get alot of looks he just has pretty good top end speed to run away from people.

My man Cousins got some love Friday they signed a wide out I like cheap in Prior, it should give Cousins not as bad of fall from losing Garcon and Jackson.  I do expect Prior to have around 1200 yards with Cousins.  I woudl expect Crowder to get more looks next season he did spike some weeks when others where injured.

Part of me believes Peyton is going to draft a fresh set of legs for Breesy, seems he does every year with both Cooks and Thomas being drafted recently, it might be Mickey Lomis.  But if they dont draft I wide out rounds 1 and 2 I would expect a serious uptick in Thomas and Snead value.  It is almost as bad as the Matt Millen drafts in Detriot we are going to draft a wide receiver every year, look I feel the Saints have enough quality wide outs with Breesy without drafting another wide reciever for the love god, draft a defensive player early, not because it will hurt or help my fantasy team but you do not need another wide out.  Fine you might want to humor Brees and draft a wide out but wait until least round 4 and draft D first.  I am a Pats fan, I just have all these memories of Saints receivers making Pats DBs look like high school kids.   I know you have a couple of tight ends that can occasional catch I do not watch enough Saints games to know if Hill can block.


Fantasy Football

I love fantasy football and I think it helps me edge my bets in real football.

Figuring out whos up and whos down

Mike Evans of Tampa Bay I had as a top 5 before free agency,  I am sliding him down a couple of tics I would expect D Jax to take some looks away from him.  With that though I expect Winston to be in everyone top 12.

Alshon Jeffery went to Philly along with some other names like Torey Smith, who joins Jordan Matthews I will be safely sliding Jeffrey to around 25, they run a fairly slow offense, I dont expect him to see much more than 100 targets for the year.  Its not that he losing talent for football, he will just be losing targets in fantasy

Now the man that lost everything talent wise, my man Kurt Cousins I expect him to finish out of the top 10 after  finishing 5th last year with losing Garcon and D Jax.

Garcon Shannon really likes so I expect him to be safely inside the top 20 especially if his QB is Brian I get no respect Hoyer.  All Hoyer has done is win in Minnesota, Houston and Cleveland and he out performed Cutler in Chicago.

Eli is on the rise, hello Brandon Marshall, I cant see OBJ value falling as bad as Evans did in TB.  the Giants did a swap for the salsa dancer for Marshal.  Also mainly the Giants are more pass friendly the Tampa bay coach reminds me of Bill Parcels I want my running back to get me 3 yards a carry.  Where the Giants coach I think is more of a grip it and rip type of coach.

I cant say the release of Cutler was a surprise, I like Glennon I feel hes better than people give him credit for.  The bigger head scratcher was Houston traded Brock for a second round pick.  which I think would be a nice landing spot for Cutler, all they need a QB.  Houston is probably trying to hold out for Romo.

If Cleveland traded for Brock granted I sit her and go why?  Why then didnt they keep Prior?

Those are my fantasy thoughts for day 1.

As a Pats fan I am hoping they land Gilmore.   Whether there corners are Gilmore and Butler, or whether they go with Gilmore and Cooks, I dont see them losing to much in free agency provided they keep Hightower.  Gilmore is a better player overall than Ryan.  As a Pats fan I would still buy a Butler did t-shirt whether he was here or not, that was probably a top 5 play in New England Patriot history order probably depends on opinion, you would have Brady game winning drive and the Adam Vinnatieri Field goal up there, the Edelman catch in last years super bowl, the Edelman concussion catch in the Seattle Superbowl the year before that, even though Brady did come from 25 down to win last year that was a series of plays in which the Edelman play was one of.


Jimmy Garoppolo

I am a Pats fan.  I follow pretty good I think.  Enough where I can feel safe betting on football games and making money.  I will be doing a football only blog starting in July.  I havent quite decided what to call it.

There is no way Bellichek is going to trade Jimmy for a second your f’in dreaming.  Your probably going to have at least off Bill a 1st and 4th, he said he based Jimmy value on the Sam Bradford trade other QB have fetched stupid trade values like Jared Geoff, and RG III where both multiple first round picks.  If you believe he is your franchise QB that is probably what you are going to have to pay Jimmy is probably better than both of those 2 qbs.

Bellichek is aware of that.  besides say he doesnt trade him that means if he keeps him for just the 2017 year and lets him walk he still probably gets a 3rd round pick for him.  So there isnt alot of value gain there.

Brett Favre before he played 1 game in the NFL was traded for (2) 1st round picks.

So there is an established price for an up and coming QB and its not a second round pick.

Also Bellichek doesnt mind franchise tagging a QB look back at Brady injury year. Matt Cassel came in won 11 games the Pats missed the playoffs.  The next year Cassel gets tagged.

Also I think Jimmy is father time insurance, Manning had his best statistical year at 37 and fell off a cliff at 39 that eventually even going to happen to Tom Brady.  Next Year Brady is 40 Jimmy plays for peanuts.  Say the year after they tag him Brady is now 41.  They year after is 42, well did Brady play start to decline more?  Brady does have weaknesses in his game Bellichek hides those with play calling.  Brady does alot of dink and dunk passes, he doesnt have the arm strength to heave it on every play.  Bellichek commonly put Brady on the injury list I think 48 startight weeks with a sore shoulder.

Unless someone wants to pay Bill what a starting is worth whether you look a the the Geoff  draft day trade, the RG III draft day trade or, the Brett Farve trade I do believe when Brady is 42 Jimmy Garoppolo will be the starting QB of New England.  The brady will get to complete the circle of his child hood idol when Joe Montana lost his job to someone who never really played in the NFL in Steve Young.



Federal Student Loans

I have requested a settlement amount of $8,621 which I think is more than a reasonable number through peopleclaim.  The government opted not to participate in mediation with me.  I have appealed to the Massachusetts Attorney General Office, the government does not to appear to have budged.

I did file a case v. the US Department of Education at the US District Courts in Boston which got approved.  I was awarded to proceed without payment.

If this matter goes to trial I will be playing the skys the limit.  If they wait until I get in front of a Judge I will up my settlement offer in line with what the American Bar Association says the payout is for fraudulent contracts it will be around the $25,500 line.  But if the government still pushes for trial, I will be playing the sky’s the limit.

I have been talking to Massachusetts Attorney General Office, representative Maggie Wallace.  Maggie explained to me that in order for a Judge to say I was incompetent for trial to null and void the contract the damages would have had to occurred before I signed the contract.

I was a Securitas employee before I was a UML student on Federal Student aide.  So with that they can fuck off.

In Discover Bank v. Brett Deveau (myself), I argued I was so mentally damaged from how Securitas treated me I did not have the ability to pay this debt.  I even sited material Securitas submitted to MCAD in legal action MCAD docket number 04BEM03042.  On September 4, 2009, I was awarded a mental competency hearing I had a special t-shirt made for that specific hearing.  On 9/8/9 Judge Rooney ruled I was incompetent for trial.  Well that ruling null and voids the Federal Student Loans contract because at the time I was coco for coco puffs.

I was a Securitas employee on January 2004, I signed the Federal Loans Contract on October 2004.

To this day I hate those assholes.  Now since its about my mental damages I will be very specific and very graphic about some things without worry about proving any of it.  Because if the government even attempted an investigation they would know some of it.

For Securitas I was assigned to the United Parcel Service, southern New England headquarters, located in Chelmsford, MA.  It is a tiny facility a mere 110 acres, with 10 acres dedicated to parking.  The amount of parking space  is not nearly enough however as UPS uses the skating ring at the corner of Brick Kiln Road and rt 129 for overflow parking.  The main package handling building is a little shack its a mere 2.1 million sq. ft. or only 600,000 sq. ft. larger than the cute little stadium the Pats play there football games in.  UPS in Chelmsford houses 2 separate unions one of which is the Teamster Local 25, it is a tiny union only a mere 25,000 members.  It also houses an IBEW union for the Engineers assigned to work at UPS.  Those 2 unions help make up 50% of the work force at UPS in Chelmsford, according to the CBA the jobs are only 50% union so UPS can be fully operational in the event of a strike.  I would guess most of the union members are truck drivers as UPS might have as many as 1,000 tractor trailer drivers arriving to the facility daily from all around the country, UPS processes over 300,000 parcels every 8 hours, that is 300,000 + packages enter the facility get sorted and leave the facility.  UPS in Chelmsford Ma ships packages through at least Central MA around Worcester to Boston, MA, to Providence RI.  Every single package that goes to a city in that area goes through the Chelmsford hub.  They have an internal Secruity team of 26, people 4 of which are secretaries that watch surveillance cameras all day, on top of that they hire a contracted security company to do security for the outer areas and guard shacks, that is where companies that Securitas AB comes in.  To the best of my knowledge UPS uses 7 different companies owned by Securitas AB to do security for them on a rotating schedule so the employees and guards do not become to chummy, they use Burns, 1st, pinkerton, allied, and Securitas Security Services USA Inc and 1 or 2 others but worry not they have the same parent company.

Now while I was working for Securitas the guards had basic responsibilities most of which I believe Securitas would deny, they had to write daily reports, 1 report per guard shack per shift if they did that they would have written more than 5,500 daily reports.  Securitas is also supposed to write reports for police involvement did you know when a police cruiser fires out of a police station it generates a bill for hundreds of dollars so thats why you write reports for police involvement.  The overnight supervisor was the iron handed Supervisor Schofield, she also changed the surveillance tapes daily, after she was terminated the guard i worked with on the weekend commonly took out Sundays tape on Saturday.  Fear not though because the guard shack Security Guard Eagle Eyes Ray Woodman worked at was on a DVR and UPS personally changed out the DVR hard drive in the we hours of sunday morning when they closed down the guard shacks, the hard drive had enough room on it for 200 hours.  which was enough time while that guard shack was open.  Supervisor Schofield also did other things such as open up the UPS HR building on Monday morning, from my observation she enjoyed the me time of it.  She left the shack walked over to her mini van lit up, drove to the HR building and unlocked it.  When I started working weekends with Joe Diegnan either myself or Joe Diegnan locked up that building on the early part of Saturday morning after people took off.  A copy of the keys to that building was kept in the guard shacks.

Lets meet my former coworkers some of these people I actually liked, but dont you worry I wont use that about anyone they used at MCAD.

Securitas Operation Manager Raul Taveras, his work habits were legendary, he owned 1 to 3 other businesses while he worked for Securitas, he commonly was not found at the UPS Chelmsford site however because he had deliveries and such to maintain at his own business but you can rest assured he billed UPS for 80-100 hours every week for his time and he raked in between $80,000 to $100,000 + a year from UPS in Chelmsford.  I got to observe his legendary business habits, he used his Discover Card for transactions for his own businesses while he was at UPS in Chelmsford.  I would guess no one worked harder than Raul, just image if he did all that work at UPS in Chelmsford.  I even at at his Spanish Restaurant in lawrence, MA.  Mango Magoo’s.  Look it had its advantages for the guards instead of throwing the food away from the restaurants he owned he would give it to us guards.

UPS Site Supervisor Adams, he was a good friend of Raul Taveras.  Supervisor Adams started out as a part time employee he was collecting workman’s comp for a bum leg he got at a trucking company training to be a guy to fix tractor trailer it was from a slip and fall.  He lost partial movement in a leg.  But around Septemebr 2004 he was awarded almost $200,000 in a lump sum workmans comp disability type of thing payout and magically aftet that he was working 60-80 hours a week for Securitas.  If Supervisor Adams worked that much while he was collecting disability it would have been docked from his disability check.  I watched Supervisor Adams probably stage dozens of slips and falls while he was at UPS in Chelmsford, he would run the surveillance tapes to his doctors and lawyers and I found out such things as you cannot collect for a mild concussion.  If Supervisor Adams did not leave UPS on a workmans comp case I would be just shocked.

Shift Supervisor Schofield lie Raul Supervisor Schofield was a business owner and a rather impressive bullshitter.  She owned Alison’s Aviary she did a Bird rescue thing out of her hours she must have had 30 bird cages in her basement.  She also had a 6 year old daughter so she did not work weekends.   She once told a story that UPS offered her a job fixing there tractors but she turned it down, who in their right mind would turn down a job that paid $30-40/hour to do Security.  Before UPS in chelmsford she worked at the USPS in Nashua, NH where she met her BFF.  There is a roomer that after she got her settlement Josh even stayed with her right up until the $200,000 ran out.  Supervisor Schofield has a rare joint disorder caused from artifical sugars and caffinee and should have never been assigned to the USPS or UPS.  Supervisor Schofield claimed she got injuried at the USPS and Securitas made her a supervisor at UPS in Chelmsford.  Did you know with that promotion her hourly pay actual went down.  That really pissed her off she bitched about her pay nightly.

Raul Taveras bragged that if his business empire took off he would step down, with that Bill and Alice fought like cats and dogs over who would be Raul replacement.  In my opinion the (2) most qualified would have been John Clark who worked at Raytheon for 20 years, or Ray Woodman who was with Securitas more than 12 years.

Floater joshua Lindeman.  Look Securitas wanted to argue I was jealous of Josh because of his fucking relationship with Alice.  Look assholes I knew Josh and Alice called each other nightly, and because of the war Alice and Bill were having the incident report they wrote was probably preplanned.  On Josh Lindeman first night I showed up before Alice Schofield, and Josh introduced me to the porno King of the east Coast he got fired from HP in Tewksbury because he downloaded and printed so much porn it cost Hp money that person was Steve Straiit.   I did not witness a conversation between Josh and Bill as Alice described in her report.  Look, I worked with John Clark for about 9 months he left because he separated his shoulder John fucking worked.  I worked with Chris Boucher he had the energy of the next 10 guards he was on multiple prescriptions form his head doctor he fucking worked.  But Josh my first night, didnt leave the fucking bathroom until 130 AM, UPS gets slammed with trucks from 10 PM to 2AM as many as 800 tractor trailer drivers might go through the feeder lanes during that 4 hour period and Josh spent 90 minutes of that locked in the bathroom playing his fucking gameboy.  The second night I worked with Josh all he did was play his fucking game boy.  The third night I worked with Josh all he did was play his fucking game boy.  Get this from Nov 2004 to June 2006 while Securitas was assigned to UPS in Chelmsford Michelle Ahern stole $250,000 worth of prescription drugs from UPS in Chelmsford, I am thankful to say Michelle didnt start stealing until I switched to weekends where UPS does not run a package handling shift.   But with guards like Josh I dont wonder how she got through the shack.

I complained about the asshole playing his fucking gameboy all night, and Josh Lindeman golf buddy HR Manager Kevin Phelan wrote me up for complaining.  I think his girlfriend Supervisor Schofield gave him a BJ.

In the second MCAD story Securitas used (2) more people in there story i knew and 1 I did not.

Securitas Guard Ray Woodman, eagle eyes Ray spotted me from a few hundred yards from the guard shack walked up to me and told me to get the fuck off the property.  17 days after that he claims to have remembered entire conversations

Raul Taveras in the second claim told 1 completely story to the police than to MCAD

There are fun facts I can point to, on not 1 occasion while I was a guard there did they hand over any guard shack surveillance tapes to the police, I am curious if they did in the Michelle Ahern case, since they used surveillance tape evidence in the Michelle Ahern case why didnt they use surveillance tape evidence in either of my MCAD cases, in my second case I was on as many as 9 different cameras when they accused me of trespassing and they didnt use 1 tape.

I worked with a person I refer to as Grand Theft Maldendo, Securitas Guard Eddie maldendo, he sold everything not nailed down.  I watched his empire grow from stolen Red Sox St Patty Day jerseys from the NB Factory outlet in lawrence, to laptop computers stolen from HP in Tewksbury.  According to MCAD investigator Keith Parret I only went to MCAD because of the powerball like payday Eddie got from UPS.  You see Eddie was fired from UPS, Eddie probably used defamation to sue UPS and he used all his Securitas customers as witnesses and UPS paid the man.  Eddie would return to UPS in Chelmsford to sell his stolen goods, he was a Security Guard that drove a caddy escalde.

I also worked with Drug Dealing Juan DeLeon, Juan worked on Bill Adams shift so I did not work with him.  UPS Lost Prevention Manager Mark Kelly set up a sting for Juan, he removed Juan and around a dozen UPS employees for the selling of drugs on UPS property armed with the knowledge of the Michelle Ahern case i believe Juan was probably selling stolen prescription drugs that theory would also help explain how Michelle Ahern got through the guard shacks so easily.

The turn over at UPS was incredible high.  UPS lost Prevention Manager Mark Kelly went around on auto fire it seemed, he must have fired or removed over 2 dozen guards I liked for not checking bags, I know now that Michelle Ahern crime spree started in Nov 2004, and Michelle had to get passed the guard shacks to get home, some Mark probably started checking how Michelle was entering and exiting the facility so easily.  I did like some of the guards Mark Kelly fired,.

But in Securitas reality none of the above actual happened, it is all me I am fucking nuts just like the Judge said, and with that Federal Student Loans can take that fucking contract and wipe their god damn ass with it, cause you know what, if the government wants to say they believe me now there is no such thing as statute of limitations on criminal RICO and they can arrest the 1 to 2 dozen Securitas employees that collabratored their story and as a team lied their ass off to government under the oath of perjury

So I must be tiny toony and just a little Rooney.

That is the beautiful thing about mental competency they dont have to believe me, if they believe Im nuts i win.  get this I can say things like across (5) government investigations I was involved in out of the hundreds of surveillance tapes throughout UPS in Chelmsford the police didnt collect 1 fucking tape, MCAD didnt collect 1 fucking tape, and the US EEOC didnt collect 1 fucking tape, the refusal to collect relevant evidence is obstruction of justice, at no time when I was a guard at UPS in Chelmsford did any of my Securitas Supervisors or any UPS employees hand over the guard shack surveillance tapes when asked by the police, nor do I believe the Chelmsford Police ever got any of the guard shack surveillance tapes in the 30 year history of UPS.  But wait it gets better if someone says I am full of shit about this related paragraph in a courtroom,  I will sue the crap out of them for defamation of character.  You see when you go to the big boys table you get to play the big boys games.  By the government not doing that they were neglectful in their duties.  But wait if they dont say Im full of shit I will level neglect of duty against them.

I challenge anyone across the US of A, to tell 1 story out of all the material that Securitas submitted, Securitas lied their fucking ass off to MCAD the story they submitted makes no fucking sense.  I can point to things in both stories and say bullshit.  Bullshit is a game Im using to playing.  And I have no problem playing it in a courtrom.  Get this in the same Q and A in Securitas Operations Manager Raul Taveras in the second MCAD complaint Raul said, “Brett Deveau went no where near the #90 building. I have no idea where the HR building even is.”  Thats right Raul said that in consecutive sentences in the same response.  I know the address of the UPS HR building is 90 brick Kiln Road.  I will destroy both Securitas stories in open court.

Securitas made up (2) stories to MCAD from their California US Corporate Headquarters and submitted them to MCAD, neither story makes any sense at all.  The government laughed along and cut Securitas checks for billions of dollars, there is over 20,000 Securitas employees working contracts for the Federal government.  The government made no attempt to investigate either claim.