Football 2017

This football season, I was planning to highlight my point system for betting on games and trying to call – high lows.

I got picked up this football season however.

my love for casual crunching stats, and football has lead me to a side venture.

A friend of mine is a computer science engineer.  He will be writing the code for me and another guy who are crunching numbers.

I will be creating a game simulator to call football games, this should be mainly used for fantasy projections if accurate.

So as far as this football season goes, I have the goal of collecting as many odd stats as possible.

Don’t you worry even if its a complete failure, I should be a qualified mid level NFL scout when completed.

But because I am on SSDI being a cancer survivor, if it is successful for tax purposes just like gambling it will onlyu be classified as a hobby.


Diablo 3

I hope this out burst makes it way back to Blizzard.

I do not claim to be God’s gift to Diablo 3.  I am not going to sit here and say I am the worst player.  I am not top end.  I do enjoy the game.

I find Deadset writes alot of playable guides, I agree with a good sum of them.  I might change 1 thing here or one thing there but for the most part if I like the class he writes very fun guides.

his guides are found on

Most classes at least have 1 set I like to play with from time to time, I would say my favorite class is Demon Hunter I like 3 of the 4 sets.  I like your Hammerdin, I like the WW Barb, I like the raidant or something Monk set, I like zumi Which Doctor Set, I like Tals for Wizard.

Necro original had 2 sets I liked in Rathma set and the Ina set.

Look I was able to get my skeleton Mages upto 10, before getting the circlet ring that extended, I can more easily keep out 10 skeleton mages but the math doesnt seem to be worth it.  That after all is the 6 piece bonus to the set 250% for the skeleton mages you can keep out.  It does absolute crap for damage now compared to all other necro sets.

Look released with the Necro was a series of Rings that say Necro only.  Some of those rings fucking rock.  Krisbin Sentence is probably the single strongest ring in the game right now, look I dont consider it that bad.  Look read the deadset guides youd be hard pressed to read a guide that does not speak of convention of the elements.

Some of the other Necro rings are strong, but that ring, turned my WW Barb into a damage dealer.

So if you could fix the ring thing, and put the Rathma set back to be useful it would be appreciated.

Unless you only want end game content to consist of Hammerdins, Archons, Shadow hunters, and 1 or 2 other choice damage dealers.

The Inarius set is nice for Necro,

And the single weakest class is probably by far the WW Barb, and Reckors charge barbs are pretty painful too though their damage is better, that it least allows a barb player to be marginal support.




Health Insurance

I have alot of preexisting conditions I would guess by the republican plan I have around 6-10.

I heard Trump care is coming with age based insurance prices.  Now they could base this off the US Military model and do every 6 years.  The military loves there PT, personal I wish cops and some other government jobs actual enforced basic fitness requirements.  The military breaks it down so 18-24, 25-30, 31-36 and so on have different standards in PT the bar gradually gets lower.

I would guess if i wanted a policy to cover anything it would probably cost me around $100-200 a week if Trump care passes.  As it is now, I am happily on medicare.  Some insurance companies in Mass dont cover preexisting conditions until after 1 year, and some dont cover chemo at all.  Being someone living with a stage 4 cancer diagnoses  I expect to be in and out chemotherapy every few years and its fucking expenses.  You say this 1 special drug cures or treats your cancer well its going to cost you.

I would guess my medical bills last time through chemo was close to $200,000.  I had some complications through chemo, I had a weekend hospital stay at Tufts, my targeted chemotherapy drug knocked out the cancer in 3 months it was considered in recession.   After that I still got chemo, it started attacking my acid reflux.  That lead to a weekend stay at Tufts.  I meet the chief surgeon right off the ambulance, and had 5 doctors by my bedside trying to figure out what the fuck.  My guess is each doctor was responsible for a different group of tests.  For a few months after that I think I was on 80 mg of prilosec, I got so much it did funny things to me, it was lowered to 40 mg.  But the way medicare is now I didnt pay a penny.

Yeah, im a poor person, figuring out ways to pay for private insurance is not something I dont think I will be able to do if Trumpcare passes.  So I think I would be better off keep collecting than play with that mess.

But dont you worry.  The Great Don, preaches health insurance is a luxury in this country.  If you make more than $42,000, your medicare will be cancelled immediately.  Their is an income line for medicare under Obamacare but it is more than $42,000.  I dont know how many people will lose their insurance for that alone.

So you still think Obamacare is evil?



James Comey

i was watching the james comey hearing.  But all the really fun question he says “i dont feel like i can answer that in an open setting.”

if you had to drink every time he said that you would be drunk



This past weekend, I ran into a gentle man at Walmart.  He was wearing an old Kevin Garnett C’s jersey.   I asked him while waiting at Subway, what the C’s should do with the number 1 pick.  I am only a casual C’s fan I dont watch other sports until football is over.

He told me the C’s should keep the number 1 pick, that Butler in Chicago wasn’t the type of player they needed.  He didnt argue that butler wasnt a great player just not the type of player the C’s need with the supporting cast they have.  In baseball its easier for me to see, I know the game.  If you have a stude centerfielder you dont trade for a centerfielder, if your the Pats the need to trade for a QB is pretty pointless.  So I couldnt disagree

Thomas put u 53 points in a playoff game, being a casual fan not actual fan I was under the impression he was good.  The C’s fan I talked to regarded him as a selfish prick.  He regarding him as a me player.  I can see those players more easily in football, wide outs that say I need 15 targets a game to do anything.

Thomas got injured on Friday, I thought the C’s were done with it.  He told me Thomas was out for the season.  He told me Thomas should be traded.

then 24 hours later without Thomas at Cleveland the C’s won.

So now I sit here and ponder Thomas might actual be that me, player I was told he was.



Thursday Draft

I have a warped fantasy theory, a dream about finding my starting Qb in the 12th round.   The qb is Brian Hoyer.  With San Fran passing on a QB day 1 of the draft that is looking like a better and better option.  Most of the QB that left New England have not done well, Hoyer has had success in Cleveland, Houston, Minnesota, and had an impressive 300 yard game streak in Chicago.  Hopefully Shanahan likes him too.

Cleveland last year and this year had me saying those guys pulled off an impressive draft day trade, then they go and do something stupid.  With all the holes in Cleveland why did they draft a tight end with their second 1st round pick, I dont get it.   I considered Gary Barnidge quality, he has had those hello guys Im here weeks as a Cleveland Tight end.  I did not see tight end as a round 1 need in the draft.

Some running backs went round 1 in Jacksonville and Carolina, probably needed in both places Ivory wasnt much of a fit in Jacksonville and Carolina needed some youth. Neither Jax of Car running backs before the draft were on my fantasy radar.

Was curious if the Saints liked Butler, they drafted a corner, as a pats fan Im happy to have Butler another year.  and the last pick of the 1st round threw me, they drafted O-Line, granted they had an o-lineman leave to GB, but they addressed that need.

I liked the Broncos pick, I dont see them as a team with many holes, I liked the O-line.  My Mr. anderson side of fantasy likes that pick too, Ill be sliding him up a little on my cheat sheet.

i counted 6 qbs I liked in this years draft.  With that, a guy I was rooting for got shafted.  Mike Glennon.   I felt he had talent, then the Bucs drafted Jamies Winston, he signs with Chicago and they traded up from 3 to 2, to grab what the scouts believe was the best QB, poor Glennon he cant catch a break.  Also counting 6 qbs I like, I think the Texans gave up way to much to move upto number 12.  It was the flip side of the Brownies trade.  The Texans was the trading partner.  I am not going to argue Savage is all that, but I didnt see the need to trade up to draft who they did.  The Chiefs made a move at QB, I think that signals the end of alex to cold strohs.  at least the kid will not have to get thrown into the fire right away.   I didnt see the Chiefs going qb.

The Colts drafted D, Im still befuddled.

well I am curious if Malcolm will get anded with a pick to Seattle for Sherman.

Overall DE and CB where popular in round 1.



Richard Sherman

He general goes against everything that Bill Bellichek has done.

Its not that he isnt a great player.  Its his age, 29.

Bellichek likes them young.  However if your going to tell me Richard Sherman is going to play for less money than Stephen Gilmore.

Well, Bellichek is also a bargain shopper.

I just read the Sherman is guaranteed $22 million over the next 2 years.

If Butler signs that first round tender, I do believe his bags are packed.  But the Pats cannot trade him unless he signs.

I personal can’t figure out Butler.  If he doesnt want to play for the Pats, all he has to do is sign that f’in tender and hes out of here.

If he signs that tender he is guaranteed to play for at least $3 million next season, if he doesnt he will probably be playing for noticeable less.

He is a young talented corner.  Probably easily top 7.  Nobody is going to trade for him and let him walk away.

Look whatever team gets Butler is going to have a very good corner for around 6 years.  Then misc. shit kicks in, does he understand how to take care of his body like a Terrence Newman.  Then a team could get a dozen years out of him, Newman played very well last year at 38.

Granted Newman is a freakishly rare corner, like Brady is a freakishly rare QB, most people have had father time catch upto them by then.

But butler I will always like, but as a Pats fan I would be happy to get a first round pick for him or Richard Sherman at the end of his career.

Look if Butler signs the tag he plays for a little over $3 million, and the team will probably sign him to a contract.  If they do not their only option if they wanted to keep him would be the franchise tag.   Or he hits free agency and finds out what he is worth.

The kid got cold feet or something?

With a corner back tandem of Sherman and Gilmore I would definitely see number 6 as very realistic.

However after number 6 I would expect some rebuilding there was a fall off after 2004.