Diablo 3

I hope this out burst makes it way back to Blizzard.

I do not claim to be God’s gift to Diablo 3.  I am not going to sit here and say I am the worst player.  I am not top end.  I do enjoy the game.

I find Deadset writes alot of playable guides, I agree with a good sum of them.  I might change 1 thing here or one thing there but for the most part if I like the class he writes very fun guides.

his guides are found on https://www.icy-veins.com/d3/wizard-firebird-archon-build-patch-2-6-season-11

Most classes at least have 1 set I like to play with from time to time, I would say my favorite class is Demon Hunter I like 3 of the 4 sets.  I like your Hammerdin, I like the WW Barb, I like the raidant or something Monk set, I like zumi Which Doctor Set, I like Tals for Wizard.

Necro original had 2 sets I liked in Rathma set and the Ina set.

Look I was able to get my skeleton Mages upto 10, before getting the circlet ring that extended, I can more easily keep out 10 skeleton mages but the math doesnt seem to be worth it.  That after all is the 6 piece bonus to the set 250% for the skeleton mages you can keep out.  It does absolute crap for damage now compared to all other necro sets.

Look released with the Necro was a series of Rings that say Necro only.  Some of those rings fucking rock.  Krisbin Sentence is probably the single strongest ring in the game right now, look I dont consider it that bad.  Look read the deadset guides youd be hard pressed to read a guide that does not speak of convention of the elements.

Some of the other Necro rings are strong, but that ring, turned my WW Barb into a damage dealer.

So if you could fix the ring thing, and put the Rathma set back to be useful it would be appreciated.

Unless you only want end game content to consist of Hammerdins, Archons, Shadow hunters, and 1 or 2 other choice damage dealers.

The Inarius set is nice for Necro,

And the single weakest class is probably by far the WW Barb, and Reckors charge barbs are pretty painful too though their damage is better, that it least allows a barb player to be marginal support.




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