Health Insurance

I have alot of preexisting conditions I would guess by the republican plan I have around 6-10.

I heard Trump care is coming with age based insurance prices.  Now they could base this off the US Military model and do every 6 years.  The military loves there PT, personal I wish cops and some other government jobs actual enforced basic fitness requirements.  The military breaks it down so 18-24, 25-30, 31-36 and so on have different standards in PT the bar gradually gets lower.

I would guess if i wanted a policy to cover anything it would probably cost me around $100-200 a week if Trump care passes.  As it is now, I am happily on medicare.  Some insurance companies in Mass dont cover preexisting conditions until after 1 year, and some dont cover chemo at all.  Being someone living with a stage 4 cancer diagnoses  I expect to be in and out chemotherapy every few years and its fucking expenses.  You say this 1 special drug cures or treats your cancer well its going to cost you.

I would guess my medical bills last time through chemo was close to $200,000.  I had some complications through chemo, I had a weekend hospital stay at Tufts, my targeted chemotherapy drug knocked out the cancer in 3 months it was considered in recession.   After that I still got chemo, it started attacking my acid reflux.  That lead to a weekend stay at Tufts.  I meet the chief surgeon right off the ambulance, and had 5 doctors by my bedside trying to figure out what the fuck.  My guess is each doctor was responsible for a different group of tests.  For a few months after that I think I was on 80 mg of prilosec, I got so much it did funny things to me, it was lowered to 40 mg.  But the way medicare is now I didnt pay a penny.

Yeah, im a poor person, figuring out ways to pay for private insurance is not something I dont think I will be able to do if Trumpcare passes.  So I think I would be better off keep collecting than play with that mess.

But dont you worry.  The Great Don, preaches health insurance is a luxury in this country.  If you make more than $42,000, your medicare will be cancelled immediately.  Their is an income line for medicare under Obamacare but it is more than $42,000.  I dont know how many people will lose their insurance for that alone.

So you still think Obamacare is evil?



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