This past weekend, I ran into a gentle man at Walmart.  He was wearing an old Kevin Garnett C’s jersey.   I asked him while waiting at Subway, what the C’s should do with the number 1 pick.  I am only a casual C’s fan I dont watch other sports until football is over.

He told me the C’s should keep the number 1 pick, that Butler in Chicago wasn’t the type of player they needed.  He didnt argue that butler wasnt a great player just not the type of player the C’s need with the supporting cast they have.  In baseball its easier for me to see, I know the game.  If you have a stude centerfielder you dont trade for a centerfielder, if your the Pats the need to trade for a QB is pretty pointless.  So I couldnt disagree

Thomas put u 53 points in a playoff game, being a casual fan not actual fan I was under the impression he was good.  The C’s fan I talked to regarded him as a selfish prick.  He regarding him as a me player.  I can see those players more easily in football, wide outs that say I need 15 targets a game to do anything.

Thomas got injured on Friday, I thought the C’s were done with it.  He told me Thomas was out for the season.  He told me Thomas should be traded.

then 24 hours later without Thomas at Cleveland the C’s won.

So now I sit here and ponder Thomas might actual be that me, player I was told he was.



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