Thursday Draft

I have a warped fantasy theory, a dream about finding my starting Qb in the 12th round.   The qb is Brian Hoyer.  With San Fran passing on a QB day 1 of the draft that is looking like a better and better option.  Most of the QB that left New England have not done well, Hoyer has had success in Cleveland, Houston, Minnesota, and had an impressive 300 yard game streak in Chicago.  Hopefully Shanahan likes him too.

Cleveland last year and this year had me saying those guys pulled off an impressive draft day trade, then they go and do something stupid.  With all the holes in Cleveland why did they draft a tight end with their second 1st round pick, I dont get it.   I considered Gary Barnidge quality, he has had those hello guys Im here weeks as a Cleveland Tight end.  I did not see tight end as a round 1 need in the draft.

Some running backs went round 1 in Jacksonville and Carolina, probably needed in both places Ivory wasnt much of a fit in Jacksonville and Carolina needed some youth. Neither Jax of Car running backs before the draft were on my fantasy radar.

Was curious if the Saints liked Butler, they drafted a corner, as a pats fan Im happy to have Butler another year.  and the last pick of the 1st round threw me, they drafted O-Line, granted they had an o-lineman leave to GB, but they addressed that need.

I liked the Broncos pick, I dont see them as a team with many holes, I liked the O-line.  My Mr. anderson side of fantasy likes that pick too, Ill be sliding him up a little on my cheat sheet.

i counted 6 qbs I liked in this years draft.  With that, a guy I was rooting for got shafted.  Mike Glennon.   I felt he had talent, then the Bucs drafted Jamies Winston, he signs with Chicago and they traded up from 3 to 2, to grab what the scouts believe was the best QB, poor Glennon he cant catch a break.  Also counting 6 qbs I like, I think the Texans gave up way to much to move upto number 12.  It was the flip side of the Brownies trade.  The Texans was the trading partner.  I am not going to argue Savage is all that, but I didnt see the need to trade up to draft who they did.  The Chiefs made a move at QB, I think that signals the end of alex to cold strohs.  at least the kid will not have to get thrown into the fire right away.   I didnt see the Chiefs going qb.

The Colts drafted D, Im still befuddled.

well I am curious if Malcolm will get anded with a pick to Seattle for Sherman.

Overall DE and CB where popular in round 1.



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