Richard Sherman

He general goes against everything that Bill Bellichek has done.

Its not that he isnt a great player.  Its his age, 29.

Bellichek likes them young.  However if your going to tell me Richard Sherman is going to play for less money than Stephen Gilmore.

Well, Bellichek is also a bargain shopper.

I just read the Sherman is guaranteed $22 million over the next 2 years.

If Butler signs that first round tender, I do believe his bags are packed.  But the Pats cannot trade him unless he signs.

I personal can’t figure out Butler.  If he doesnt want to play for the Pats, all he has to do is sign that f’in tender and hes out of here.

If he signs that tender he is guaranteed to play for at least $3 million next season, if he doesnt he will probably be playing for noticeable less.

He is a young talented corner.  Probably easily top 7.  Nobody is going to trade for him and let him walk away.

Look whatever team gets Butler is going to have a very good corner for around 6 years.  Then misc. shit kicks in, does he understand how to take care of his body like a Terrence Newman.  Then a team could get a dozen years out of him, Newman played very well last year at 38.

Granted Newman is a freakishly rare corner, like Brady is a freakishly rare QB, most people have had father time catch upto them by then.

But butler I will always like, but as a Pats fan I would be happy to get a first round pick for him or Richard Sherman at the end of his career.

Look if Butler signs the tag he plays for a little over $3 million, and the team will probably sign him to a contract.  If they do not their only option if they wanted to keep him would be the franchise tag.   Or he hits free agency and finds out what he is worth.

The kid got cold feet or something?

With a corner back tandem of Sherman and Gilmore I would definitely see number 6 as very realistic.

However after number 6 I would expect some rebuilding there was a fall off after 2004.


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