I sit here and I try to formulate my mad drafting strategies for the upcoming fantasy football season.

I am in a weekly win league mainly its a small friends and family league its $105 a team for the year +$1 per move.   Money is kinda of funny.  I won the league about 3 years ago with +$70, and finished in second last year at +$110.  I think only 1 year someone won over $1,000, that year the league had 10 teams.

I might do a smaller money league on Yahoo with either 10-12 teams at $50-$100 total for the team.

Either way I value combos, duos, or tandems whatever you want to call them.  I value them to the point where my starting fantasy QB would be Eli Manning currently ranked 17th on Fantasy Pros being my starting QB if I landed OBJ.

I also think if Brian Hoyer wins the starting QB job in San Francisco hes going to put up 4,000 yards and 25 touchdowns.  So at least in 1 league Ill be going for that ever dangerous Hoyer Garcon combo.  It is something even in a 12 team league I should be able to get mid to late rounds and its those picks that make your team.

Last year someone who won me 2 weeks was Mark Ingram, he started out real slow even got zonked against Seattle at home, he did manage to put up 2 30 point weeks, and won me 2 weeks.

I am targeting Mark Ingram again as a starting back.

This Adrian Peterson thing keeps popping up.  Look when I was younger parents where allowed to hit their kids.  One of my friends even had his mother break a plate over his head.  Guess what no one raised as much as an eyebrow about it.   So I cannot sit here and say Peterson is the spawn of satan and still like my friends parents without being a hypocrite.

I believe if he was still playing at an all pro level teams wouldnt care.  But enough people are probably bothered by what he did that his career maybe over.

Look, I want to target Ingram in fantasy so please stay out of New Orleans.

its like if Kaepernick could play football teams wouldnt care about his national anthem stunt he already said he wouldn’t do it again.  But elite and good QBs win games they shouldnt win, the 49ers won 1 game with Kaepernick, its not because of his anthem stunt he doesnt have a team its he sucks.

When Peterson was younger he was probably as electric to watch as Barry Sanders, but the 2016 was not very good.  Unless you can average over 4.0 yards per carry I would say you are not adding that much to the team unless you are a goal line specialist or short yardage specialist where everyone and their mother knows 3 and 1 and your getting the football, for the backs that make that 90% of the time their YPC is always going to suck, and they are always going to have a job.

But I think AP glory days are long gone, and I dont think he is worth the bad press for a club.


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