As far as court goes, there are 3 things I just love, gambling, role playing and deductive reasoning puzzles.  I get to do all three in court.

If your a fan of theatre you would probably find some of the really good larpers entertaining.  I am not one of them.

But I worked out a spread sheet I use for football.  It is rather simple I take the last 5 games add the points for against the other teams points against, and I do that for both teams, I then do that for the last 5 games at home v. the last 5 games on the road for the visiting team.

I look for statistical outliers after that against the spread.

Some weeks no team pops out, other weeks I have had a half dozen teams pop out.  I do not look to bet every week so if a team doesnt pop out I dont even think of betting.

But the teams that do pop out I have fun with.  I think every fantasy football writers tries to predict out comes of games, they do this when they say so and so is going to get X yards and X touchdowns or whatever.  I also try to figure out a kickers projected points v. the other projections 4 for example could be 4 extra points, or a field goal and an extra point, depending on how they called the rest of the team will determine which way they were thinking.

Look I follow different sports writers for different reasons.  So I started breaking down commentary.  For a well written and thought out argument I like someone like Jason Cole from yahoo. or Jamie Eisen I think from CBS, and I could go around, there are a few.

part of me really enjoyed Chris Berman sense of humor when I started watching NFL Primetime, out of the writers I find Brad Evans really funny,

Then there are people like Good Morning Football Kate Adams, my dream woman, but she really understands how injuries effect players.  Imagine a woman a guy could have an intelligent conversation with about fantasy football.  Shes out there.

Well, if all the writers agree with my warped statistically outliers I feel comfortable placing the bet or giving advice on it.  If even one of them is dead set against it I say Ill pass on betting that game.  Like if the Pats play Pittsburgh my system says the Pats should win by 14, the spread is 6.  I say I ok I like that bet enough to look into it, but if even one fantasy writer comes back with Pittsburgh upsetting the Pats I say I will not bet on that game.

Over the past 3 years I have been wrong twice, over the past 4 years I have been wrong 6 times.  The number of games I decide to bet on or give advice on vary between 10-12 games a year.  I dont like week 1 because its based on last year, I dont like week 17 because its based on next year and some weeks my system says I dont like any game enough to bet on.

But with my warped system, and enjoyment of gambling.

I became aware of a Federal Law that states “No state that houses a professional sport can allow gambling of that sport.”  I think there were 4 states or so that had legalized sports book betting, Nevada, Montana, New jersey and Delaware.  But even though both the Giants and Jets play in east rutherford new jersey they are called New York teams

with the Raiders moving from Oakland to Vegas I am curious how that is going to effect sports book betting in Vegas.


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