The NFL Draft

I am a Pats fan I do not question the wisdom of Bill Bellichek.  Some of his ideas come with extreme optimism.

Really the Pats traded away a 1st and a 3rd for Brandon Cooks im just giddy.

You say they lost their 4th round pick for deflate gate.

You say they traded away a pick for a Carolina Defensive back.

Well that leaves them what 3 or 4 picks.  Not one until the 3rd round.

Well I say screw it f Goodell and trade your way out of the draft entirely screw it your half way there now.

I am tickled with the off season additions.  Or at least try and trade down the 3rd round draft pick for a 4 and a 6th or something.  A couple of more lotto picks and that would be  (2) days as a pats fan I do not feel i would have to watch the NFL draft and that bozo Goodell.

The Pats are not drafting I am not watching, its that simple.


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