The Supreme Court

party lines pisses me off more and more.

Look i get it their is a republican president.  He has to appoint a judge.

Look one of the greatest liberal judges this country has ever known was appointed by guess who?  …..  ronald reagan.

Look grilling a standing judge about how he would vote on issues to me is just as fucking stupid as Donald Trump asking everyone but the DOJ if the former President bugged Trump towers.

Gorsuch has been a Judge since 2006 for the 10th Circuit court.  which I think covers Minnesota.

I absolutely loved everything he had to say when he got grilled.

But the paper he wrote in the truck driving case where the driver took shelter and was fired for it.   He wrote the company had no right to fire the driver.  Look I agree with it.

Granted something like that cannot happen realistically in Massachusetts because its an employment at will state.

But just judge the Judge on his papers and ask yourself.  Do I agree with this guy?  If you check off, yes I have agreed with him on 80% of his papers then nominate him would ya.

If you disagree with 80% of his papers send his ass packing.

But there is no reason to wag the dog with this one.  He has been a standing Federal Judge for the 10 Circuit court for 10 years.  By the was when he got appointed to that seat.  It was by a unanimous decision.


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