Fantasy Thoughts 3/16/17

I really like the idea of Lacy going to Seattle.  I owned Lacy last year in fantasy land with the exception of the touchdown outage, I was reasonable happy with his yards per carry.  I was excited about how hard he looked to be running.

Pete loved Lynch, Lynch was a very physical back.  Some coaches have their things in what they like.  Bill Bellichek feels he can coach everything but speed, he does not care for top ends speed, but quickness from a standing position.  Well, I believe Pete loves physical football players, its easy to point to the legion of boom, and beast mode.  Then Pete goes out and grabs Jimmy Graham and I said what the fuck?

But if Eddie Lacy can get close to his draft weight or even his last years weight I think Pete will be really happy.  He has seen Green Bay in probably 3 or 4 games the last few years and got some looks at Lacy and game planning for him.  So he knows what hes getting.


If Lacy enters camp between 238-245, I would expect him to get a ton of carries, mainly so Wilson doesnt take the beating he took last year.  Running Backs are easier to replace.  But if Lacy enters camp at 238-245 and understands the playbook,  I think he can easily get 1250 to 1500 total yards for Pete.


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