Malcolm Butler

Let me get this straight the Pats wanted to trade Butler to New Orleans, he refused to send a tender so the Pats couldnt trade him.

Now he wants out.   Well if Einstein wanted out all he had to do was the sign the tender.

Does he understand the NFL is a business?

Look there is a chance the Pats could pay him.  They still have plenty of money.

They entered Free Agency with about $60 million of funny money, their only big name signing was Gilmore.   I am shaking my head because Ryan is playing in Tennesse for $3 million less than Gilmore signed for.  So in Bills opinion Gilmore must be alot better.

I was under the impression Ryan was going to give the Pats a chance to match.

Someone else who should be getting paid is Hightower.  So between Gilmore and Hightower say $26 million of the $60 million is gone.  Well Harmon signed for a friendly price of around $5 million,  So now I hvae them at $29 million,  Allen and Cooks are both under $1 million each I think so lets say $27 million.

They dont have to pay Cooks until 3 years from now.  I dont think Allen will ever be a huge payday.

So if slap happy plays his cards right he gets what tagged and gets $15 million a year, or someone else pays him around $15 million a year.

But whinnie little bitches do not get serious f’in money.  Some other GM is going to say to himself do i want to deal with that, sure they will throw him some money probably but if hes not a whinnie little bitch he probably gets more money.

Look buddy if you want out it can probbaly easily be arranged there are probably multiple teams that would trade a 1st round pick for him.  Hes that good.  But the business of the NFL the Pats cant let him just walk away.

Look I think the Cooks trade could have been as simple as Butler for Cooks then something like a swap of first round picks if Butler has more perceived value or the Pats throw in something like a 3rd or a 4th if Cooks has more perceived value.

as a Pats fan I will probbaly always root for Butler but he has to understand the business side of the NFL.


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