fantasy Friday

I sit here and wonder how Bellichek waves his magic wand sometimes.   With Snead, Thomas and Cooks the Saints probably had more quality at wide receiver than they needed but quality at the Saints and the Pats can be partial credited to the QB.  I think Breesy when he was with the Bolts had a winning record against Bellichek.

as a Pats fan swapping Ryan for Gilmore seems to be an upgrade, and in fantasy land it is definitely a pair of corners I do not want my wide receivers to go against.  An elite wide out might do ok 6 receptions 50-70 yards and maybe a touchdown.  There is a list of wide outs I play against anybody just with lower expectations against some corners.

The Pats lost Shread to the Colts he lost his starting job $8 million isnt alot of money for a starting edge rusher so I don’t think the Colts overpaid.  But it is way to much money for a backup.

I thought the Pats would have paid Bennett 3 years $21 million, the Packers did.  I guess the off season ankle surgery has Bill skeptical.  I figured if healthy Bennett would have landed around the $9-10 million range.  But if hes healthy for camp he should be an immediate upgrade over Cooks who they cut.  I can’t see it getting in the way of Nelson the odd men out in Green bay look to be Cobb and Adams who either dont show up every week, or are injuried off an on.  If Bennett is going to take away touches from people I would lean towards Cobbs and Adams.  Some games Nelson doesnt even get alot of looks he just has pretty good top end speed to run away from people.

My man Cousins got some love Friday they signed a wide out I like cheap in Prior, it should give Cousins not as bad of fall from losing Garcon and Jackson.  I do expect Prior to have around 1200 yards with Cousins.  I woudl expect Crowder to get more looks next season he did spike some weeks when others where injured.

Part of me believes Peyton is going to draft a fresh set of legs for Breesy, seems he does every year with both Cooks and Thomas being drafted recently, it might be Mickey Lomis.  But if they dont draft I wide out rounds 1 and 2 I would expect a serious uptick in Thomas and Snead value.  It is almost as bad as the Matt Millen drafts in Detriot we are going to draft a wide receiver every year, look I feel the Saints have enough quality wide outs with Breesy without drafting another wide reciever for the love god, draft a defensive player early, not because it will hurt or help my fantasy team but you do not need another wide out.  Fine you might want to humor Brees and draft a wide out but wait until least round 4 and draft D first.  I am a Pats fan, I just have all these memories of Saints receivers making Pats DBs look like high school kids.   I know you have a couple of tight ends that can occasional catch I do not watch enough Saints games to know if Hill can block.


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