Fantasy Football

I love fantasy football and I think it helps me edge my bets in real football.

Figuring out whos up and whos down

Mike Evans of Tampa Bay I had as a top 5 before free agency,  I am sliding him down a couple of tics I would expect D Jax to take some looks away from him.  With that though I expect Winston to be in everyone top 12.

Alshon Jeffery went to Philly along with some other names like Torey Smith, who joins Jordan Matthews I will be safely sliding Jeffrey to around 25, they run a fairly slow offense, I dont expect him to see much more than 100 targets for the year.  Its not that he losing talent for football, he will just be losing targets in fantasy

Now the man that lost everything talent wise, my man Kurt Cousins I expect him to finish out of the top 10 after  finishing 5th last year with losing Garcon and D Jax.

Garcon Shannon really likes so I expect him to be safely inside the top 20 especially if his QB is Brian I get no respect Hoyer.  All Hoyer has done is win in Minnesota, Houston and Cleveland and he out performed Cutler in Chicago.

Eli is on the rise, hello Brandon Marshall, I cant see OBJ value falling as bad as Evans did in TB.  the Giants did a swap for the salsa dancer for Marshal.  Also mainly the Giants are more pass friendly the Tampa bay coach reminds me of Bill Parcels I want my running back to get me 3 yards a carry.  Where the Giants coach I think is more of a grip it and rip type of coach.

I cant say the release of Cutler was a surprise, I like Glennon I feel hes better than people give him credit for.  The bigger head scratcher was Houston traded Brock for a second round pick.  which I think would be a nice landing spot for Cutler, all they need a QB.  Houston is probably trying to hold out for Romo.

If Cleveland traded for Brock granted I sit her and go why?  Why then didnt they keep Prior?

Those are my fantasy thoughts for day 1.

As a Pats fan I am hoping they land Gilmore.   Whether there corners are Gilmore and Butler, or whether they go with Gilmore and Cooks, I dont see them losing to much in free agency provided they keep Hightower.  Gilmore is a better player overall than Ryan.  As a Pats fan I would still buy a Butler did t-shirt whether he was here or not, that was probably a top 5 play in New England Patriot history order probably depends on opinion, you would have Brady game winning drive and the Adam Vinnatieri Field goal up there, the Edelman catch in last years super bowl, the Edelman concussion catch in the Seattle Superbowl the year before that, even though Brady did come from 25 down to win last year that was a series of plays in which the Edelman play was one of.


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