Jimmy Garoppolo

I am a Pats fan.  I follow pretty good I think.  Enough where I can feel safe betting on football games and making money.  I will be doing a football only blog starting in July.  I havent quite decided what to call it.

There is no way Bellichek is going to trade Jimmy for a second your f’in dreaming.  Your probably going to have at least off Bill a 1st and 4th, he said he based Jimmy value on the Sam Bradford trade other QB have fetched stupid trade values like Jared Geoff, and RG III where both multiple first round picks.  If you believe he is your franchise QB that is probably what you are going to have to pay Jimmy is probably better than both of those 2 qbs.

Bellichek is aware of that.  besides say he doesnt trade him that means if he keeps him for just the 2017 year and lets him walk he still probably gets a 3rd round pick for him.  So there isnt alot of value gain there.

Brett Favre before he played 1 game in the NFL was traded for (2) 1st round picks.

So there is an established price for an up and coming QB and its not a second round pick.

Also Bellichek doesnt mind franchise tagging a QB look back at Brady injury year. Matt Cassel came in won 11 games the Pats missed the playoffs.  The next year Cassel gets tagged.

Also I think Jimmy is father time insurance, Manning had his best statistical year at 37 and fell off a cliff at 39 that eventually even going to happen to Tom Brady.  Next Year Brady is 40 Jimmy plays for peanuts.  Say the year after they tag him Brady is now 41.  They year after is 42, well did Brady play start to decline more?  Brady does have weaknesses in his game Bellichek hides those with play calling.  Brady does alot of dink and dunk passes, he doesnt have the arm strength to heave it on every play.  Bellichek commonly put Brady on the injury list I think 48 startight weeks with a sore shoulder.

Unless someone wants to pay Bill what a starting is worth whether you look a the the Geoff  draft day trade, the RG III draft day trade or, the Brett Farve trade I do believe when Brady is 42 Jimmy Garoppolo will be the starting QB of New England.  The brady will get to complete the circle of his child hood idol when Joe Montana lost his job to someone who never really played in the NFL in Steve Young.



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