F’in Trump

I have voted democrat in most elections, there have been some exceptions.  I did like the idea of Ross Perot, that is based on what I still believe today in order for politics to flow in Washington there needs to be a 3rd party Liberals and Conservatives well never agree, and if they fall on party lines nothing gets done.  Occasional Democrats have good ideas, occasional Republicans have good ideas but those 2 groups will never agree.

Just imagine if there was a (4) party system in Washington right now.  I think Liberals, Democrats and some republicans would agree on some issues, and them some Conservatives, Republicans and Democrats would agree on other issues and shit would actual get done in Washington.

My other exception was I believed that Martha Coakley was the spawn of Satan himself I actual still have an inactive case against Martha Coakley in Massachusetts Superior Court.  Who ran against Satan?  Republican Scott Brown.

I didn’t view Trump as a true Republican to this day I cannot tell you if he pisses of Democrats or Republicans more.  I did vote for Hillary, Hillary was for a $15/hour minimum wage which would have been freaking huge money for me on social security.

But never the less I did like some of Trumps ideas, I loved the idea of a 35% tariff which for the those keeping score is a tax, not very republican.  I loved the idea of a $1 billion jobs bills to rebuild the roads in this country.  Being in social security I loved the fact he said he wouldnt touch it I know its not very republican there was a republican Senator from Texas that would have givin me a freaking huge raise on social security in his attempt to save it, because that Senator classified a poor person who makes less than $87,500, a number I have never made in my life.  which supports my belief that not all republican ideas are bad.

But what truly pisses me off about Trump right now and something I thought he would have done by now is Syria.   Look I will accept that fact as an American not all governments will like us.  Syria happens to be a Russian puppet government, overall I dont view the Russians as that bad.  The US has plenty of US puppet governments around the world.  But I thought he would be singing along to Putin you make that feel so good.  At least in regards to Syria.  The real enemy in Syria is ISIS, not the Syrian government which we dont like.  The US and Russia do joint bombing raids on ISIS I believe ISIS is out of that country in less than 2 years tops.   As for Ukraine the US Government is supporting a government that took power through a military ku, and most of the people actual like the Russians better.  True fact, it was the Russians not the US that saved the Ukrains from the Germans in WWII.

But I at least thought Trump would be working with Russia to actual take on some of the bigger problems by now like ISIS.


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