Jury Trial

Earlier this week, I told the US District Court of Massachusetts if this matter goes to court I am requesting a full jury trial.

I have several reasons for doing this.

1.  I want it as public as possible with how the government treats me.

2. Jurors are people too.  I strongly believe a jury is going to find it pretty easy to believe I am disabled.  Get this I cannot talk about how I defended myself in Discover Bank v. Brett Deveau at the Lowell Courthouse, because it might violate the Judge Saris court order.  That alone should give the jury something to ponder.  In that case I did that what if, analysis.  What if?  Securitas believes everything they told MCAD was true.

And the best part the cops have ZERO excuses for refusing to collect any of the hundreds of surveillance tapes at UPS in Chelmsford when Securitas accused me of trespassing.  If I was trespassing why didn’t the police collect 1 tape?  Because I can say that, I can argue cops in my world only protect the rights of the upper 1%ers.  But dont you worry i got alot more ammo than 1 example of criminal trespassing.

3.  I want the jury to explain to them, how someone has a caner that might result in their death, being classified as not disabled.  I will describe to the jury what I go through with cancer, and chemotherapy.  My schedule is like this every 28 days is 1 treatment cycle.  Mondays I drive to the hospital I get blood work done, because I am not a celebrity I might have to wait longer than 1 hour some days for this basic test.  Now that is roughly 2 hours out of my day every monday to get blood tests when you add in commute time. One tuesday, I will spend about 1 hour driving to the hospital all together and another 8 to 10 hours either waiting for or receiving treatment.  On the following wednesday I go back to the hospital and receive treatment for another 2 hours, with an additional 1 hour commute for drive time.  The following week I have blood work on Monday, the week after I have blood work on monday, and I have to see my oncologist at some point that week. The week after I Have blood work on monday.   Then after that I start the next treatment cycle.

Then there are side effects to chemotherapy that make life difficult, for the week of chemo my life just sucks, I can fall asleep at about any given time for probably upto the first monday following chemo, the fatigue is that bad.
In addition to that I have to see my other doctors to such as my primary care doctor, my GI doctor, my allergist.  And about every 3 months I have to get a PET Scan.

keep in mind all those doctors appointments are if I am classified as healthy.

If I get sick it is alot more, my last time through chemotherapy it attacked my liver note the GI doctor appointments, my esophogas and my lungs.

Now I will ask the Jury how I am supposed to make all those doctors appointments and maintain a job?

4.  I also want to tell the Jury is what magical powers did US Senator Warren use to make this matter go away in 2013?

5.  My only source of income since 2009 has been SSDI.  You really think I will get a health insurance privately to cover my medical expenses.  A $6,0000 deductable is 20 weeks of net pay to cover at Massachusetts Minimum wage of $11/hour.

The jury has a unique level of power in criminal cases, they can vote either way for no reason at all.  Regardless of arguments made they have the power to vote guilty or not guilty.  I myself, have no problem paying a girl for sex, when the US Constitution was written a slave was classified as 3/5th of a person, this is the 3/5th compromise, this argument should go home with any 2nd amendment believers.  So when the constitution was written women had ZERO rights, so i really doubt they had a problem with the buying of sex.  So if I am asked to vote on a jury where a person paid for sex my vote will always be not guilty.

Now I love demorganizing, I love gambling and role playing.  I am willing to bet, this jury can set whatever number they want to for my punitive damages.

look punitive damages in every single court case around the country is a made up number.  It has nothing to do with the person actual damages, it is an amount of money awarded to the person to keep the defendant from doing that again.  And as the jury, for you the sky is the limit for the amount of punitive damages I have.

I have used US Representative Tsongus Office, and US Senator Warren Office to mediate this matter on my behalf long before I ever stepped foot in a courtroom.  How the fuck will the government argue they did not know?


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