Me and Chemotherapy

I had plans for this year of doing my own sports blog.  I figured I would be one of the few bloggers that actual puts his money where his mouth is.

I do a worksheet similar to the one found on roto world.  Then I look for games that are outliers next to the point spread or over under.   I go through those games pretty good.

I do have rules about sports gambling on football, never bet on week 1 or week 17.  Week 1 is mostly based on last year and week 17 is mostly based on next year.

the past couple of years I have not been perfect I went 11-3 2 years ago, and 10-1 last year.  I know there are 17 weeks, but some weeks I cannot find a game I like enough to bet on.

It probably started back in 1998 for me, I got difficulty swallowing some things.  In 2012 I was official diagnosed with Non Hotchkins Lymphoma.

As a person with cancer I cannot stress enough how important it is to be comfortable around your doctor, you also should be able to agree with your doctor on a moral level.

My first cancer Doctor was Dr Ardman.  because I had stage 1 NHL, he wanted to go with a wait and watch approach.  Dr. Ardman was against any unnessariy surgeries or procedures because of strain it could place on the body.  I got a second opinion from Dr Aberson, he agreed with Dr. Ardman but wanted to do a biopsy to know the exact type.

My first biopsy was done by Dr. Bhatt i was scared shitless.  Dr. Bhatt told me this ridiculous long list of side effects most of them were more scary for  me than cancer, paralysis, permanent nerve damage, complete loss of some functions.  Some thing I wish I was told right away is the chances of any of that really bad shit happens was noticeable less than 1%.

Several years past my cancer didn’t do to much.  this past year it was pretty brutal.  From April to June and into August I had daily internal pain.  My cancer doctors had changed since, my current one is Dr. Gunturi , she agrees with how Dr. Hanson treatged me.  She isnt to much for feeling me up like some doctors checking the body for cancer so that made me nervous, she is a huge fan of PET scans, which let the doctors know exactly how much cancer you have.  So that made me feel better.

I was scared shit of chemo, still am pretty scared of it.  i asked the hospital to give me 180 of a hospital stay while i was on chemo they said no fin way.   I have stage 3 NHL, my cancer covered more than 75% of my main artery.   I was absolutely terrified of my first chemo treatment.

My first treatment was about 11 hours altogether, I broke out in hives while getting rituxirub.  Probably more than once, they had to stop the treatment give me some bennadril wait a half an hour and resume again.  My second day of treatment they just gave me bendamustine, wasnt to bad only 2 hours.

During my first treatment they had me speak with a nutritionist.  The nutritionist throughout chemo is the one person I will listen to before anyone else.  I believe the only way I can fight chemo which is fighting my cancer is with proper nutrition.

As for after treatment, the week after treatment I believe I get what some people call chemo brain.  I feel light headedish the thursday/friday/saturday after chemo.  I get the hic cups for a really long period of time probably 24 hours after being treated, after my second treatment however I found out my nausea medication cures that.  the first time through my body was stressed out beyond all belief my body told me this I got acne which is hives everywhere.  Outside of the hives after the first week I felt pretty normal.

my second treatment.  It took about 6 hours to get treated, the found a faster way to give me Bendamustine.  and my second day of my second treatment I was in and out of the cancer care in about 2 hours.

I still got the chemo brain thing the thursday/friday/saturday thing after chemo.  Since the nausea meds knocked out the hic cup thing I have slept alot better.  I have not gotten the hives this time around so my body isnt as stressed.

The Chief Surgeon at Tufts and a Gastronomist at Digestive Health Specialist both told me the same thing, my chemotherapy might be attacking my esophagus got to go through more tests, on the plus side most of my exceptional large lymph nodes are under 3 cms so the chemo is doing something.

But I will be passing on giving out football advice this season and my blog will have to wait until next season when i am done with chemo.  I dont think I can crunch numbers will I am on chemo brain.  the fatigue is pretty good.  Outside that first week after treatment not so bad.  But I will not be putting my money where my mouth is this football season.



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