How stupid are you

Basically if I caught someone doing something really stupid at one point in my life, I would ask them the following phrase “how stupid are you?”  It was a phrase my supervisors would ask me if I did something stupid.

If it was for something simple like trespassing, and they answered correctly it would be easier for them just to turn around and walk away.  If it was for a more serious crime, it would general lead to a plea bargain with a greatly reduced sentence.

Although for the truly stupid there is no punishment that is not self inflicted you know those people as the Darwin Award winners.

I think on July 29, 2016.  I have placed my entry.  I would like a doctor or groups of doctors to research it a bit, to see how stupid I am.

I have some allergies nothing major.  One of them is a food allergy.  I think in order to know the level of my stupidity.  It would make no sense than to go no lower than that generalization.

My primary care Doctor figured out, that the type of blood cells that fight allergies was being overly active lately.   I did not stop eating the food I love.  I thought I could have it in small doses.  After all alot of people are allergic to pet dander and they still hang out with people with pets.

Look I like the taste of it, most days I can eat it with no trouble at all.   So I dont know how strong it is.  Never the less a doctor told me about the allergy.

Is there a relationship between food allergies and people like myself that are to stupid to give up that food until now, and people with Non Hotchkins Lymphomia?

That is the question I ask myself while wondering how stupid I am.


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