Government Investigations

I have an open investigation with the United States Attorney General’s Office I filed on June 2, 2014.

In 22 days I will be going back down to their office to discuss it with them.

I will be seeking answers to

Why didn’t any MCAD Investigator Alison Hope, Keith Parret or Carolyn Packard request any of the surveillance tapes at ups

Why didnt any of those investigators interview my coworkers or police or UPS employees

Why any of those investigators did not collect evidence such as reports, call lists, and schedules to know how busy that was

They went off about the $23,000 UPS paid Eddie Maldendo do they even know why?

Myself and Securitas disagreed about alot of stuff they didn’t investigate any of it.

Myself and Securitas did not agree on who was working at UPS on Josh Lindeman’s first day, to whether or not I was trespassing in my second complaint.

If I am not mistaken, wouldn’t 1 of the hundreds of surveillance cameras at UPS at least show if I was trespassing or not.

Securitas went out of there way to shit on me.

Securtias lied to government investigators, police officers, and to the courts of this country.

I would really like to hear the US Attorney General point of view on the matter.



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