I have cancer.  I think between June and august Ive had 12 doctors appointments.  The one type of employment I would consider is in law.  I have met some really nice people in law and people that have told me to go f myself.  My interest in law is personal.  The first lawyers office I walked into had a sign it said, “if you don’t know your rights you don’t have any.”  The first attorney I talked to said my work environment was an ugly one and suggested I go to MCAD.  I lost at MCAD, I went to the US Moakley Courthouse and filed against Securitas, I lost that too they said they couldn’t understand me.  I spoke to Attorney Shawn Hevey he said I should have filed a criminal complaint.  I told Shawn the Chelmsford Police even threw me out of the police station, Mass. State Police and the FBI all refused to listen to me.  I tried telling the USAG, wrote maybe a dozen papers all together to his office, his office did nothing, I sued him and lost because of Jurisdiction.  Shawn explained to me when going after government you need to file neglect of duty charges.  He said if I went after all the people I wanted to, I would be a real asshole.  He explained to me he has a nice guy price, and an asshole price as a criminal defense attorney.  The US Government despite all my doctors appointments has not awarded me total and permanent disability.  I don’t know of one company that would work with all the doctor’s appoints I have.  So with them being that big of an asshole to me, thats the main reason I filed a criminal petition.  Thanks to Securitas Officer Dave Perry, I can say in August of 2004, a Securitas guard stole 10 laptops from an HP Warehouse in Tewksbury, M.  Eddie Maldendo was removed from UPS, and UPS paid him $23,000 on the way out.  I believe UPS went after Eddie for the buying and selling of possible stolen goods.  Securitas lead by Vice President Thomas Fagan argued that I was jealous of all the money Eddie received.  I believe if they ever did an investigation, they would have known why Eddie got the money.  Securitas told me Eddie got the money for a shift change.  It is in their own employee handbook that the client, UPS in the case, can do whatever they want with the guards at their site.  Also Massachusetts is an employment at will state.  So unless your in a union.  Mark Kelly could have fired Eddie because his underwear was bunching on him and their would not have been jack Eddie could have done about.  In the interviews Securitas submitted to MCAD they did not interview 1 UPS employee out of the thousands that work at UPS in Chelmsford, MA, never mind the thousands of UPS truck drivers that come in as far as San Francisco, CA.  Those drivers arrived on saturday, UPS allowed them 1 week to get across country, so they showed up every other week.  Some UPS customers don’t like their stuff traveling by train.  For a truck driver its a nice 50-55hour week at $35+ hour.  Securitas Vice President Thomas Fagan really pissed me off at the Moakley courthouse though.  led by his attorneys he denied every single quote I took from documents he submitted to MCAD at the courthouse which is the first 33 paragraphs roughly of my complaint.  I reported this to MCAD, they didn’t like my tone.  The state police threw me out of the building.  The State Police have thrown me out of the MCAD building 3 times. The FBI has thrown me out of the Moakley Courthouse, and the National Security Agency barred me from seeing John Kerry one day.  for an exact day for that it was my first time walking into Senator Kennedy’s office.  Apparently screaming until your throat is sore outside a Senators building is frowned upon.   The one thing I will say about Senator Kennedy is he liked arguing more fore your rights, than drinking his wine.  I also challenged if MCAD even read the interviews, inside the UPS Site Supervisor William Adams interview was a hate crime when Guado threatened him.  I worked with Bill I worked with Guado to the best of my knowledge those two got along, its one of the things that have me believe Securitas made up the interviews.  But if true, Guado is a different race than Bill.  Bill and Alice did not get along.  Those two though they were the only two people qualified for Raul Taveras position of account manager.  raul probably paid himself 40 hours a week while he worked at his owned Mango Magoo’s.  If I asked UPS today, if they were aware if Raul was the owner of a Spanish restaurant in Lawrence, MA, I would be curious to here their answer.  Bill on his first night clashed with Alice so hard, he spent the majority of the shift in his truck coming out to do trucks, he still worked harder than josh Lindeman who would hide in the bathroom with his gameboy during the major truck rushes.  Well, after raul said he was leaving if his restaurant took off Bill and Alice fought like politicians.  All of a sudden fucking Alice was a prereq. for working the overnight shift, and all Bill people were screw offs.  The majority of people on second shift, did buy merchandise from Eddie maldendo.

On August 5th, I went down to the Suffolk Courthouse Disctrict Court, and talked to the ADA at the clerk’s office, he said he would help me out if I could clarify my argument, and say who I was mad at. 

On August 9th.  I went back to the Suffolk District Court, the DA’s office read a 3 page paper I wrote.  he summarized it for me.  He also said I needed to file at the Superior Court next door, because it involved MCAD. 

So I filed a criminal petition 3/4 of a written page.  In that petition I asked, did 1 person at MCAD, even interview 1 person at UPS over my MCAD complaints?  I was mainly mad at Securitas Vice President Thomas Fagan for denying all knowledge of material he defended at MCAD, which my complaint at the Moakley courthouse was based on.  I told them about the 2 crimes in the William Adams interview, 1 being Guado threatened Bill, and Alice loved chasing Bill up a ladder.  The third part I discuss, is what Eddie Maldendo did.  If they did do an investigation, then they would have known why Eddie got all that money from UPS they said I wanted to be jealous of.

Because of this I do have an interest in law, and it is the one area I would work in.



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